Gray Matter: Our 705 Uniform Experience

By Nathan, Hannah’s dad

My name is Nathan and my daughter Hannah started Pre-K last year at 705. I have been asked to share our experience with the school uniform. Two short-sleeve polos, one long-sleeve polo, one cardigan, three pairs of khaki pants, and one skirt (for warm weather) got us through the year. Last year was my daughter’s first school experience, so she didn’t complain about having to wear a uniform. For kids who are more particular about what they wear to school, headbands, socks, and even bow ties (!) seemed to provide outlets for the expression of individuality in Hannah’s class.

Tops: Students are required to wear the school polo or the school cardigan. This year, you can purchase these items at Cookies or at Ideal Uniform. I’ve heard Cookies has worked out well—you can call them at (877) 942-6654 to order. Our school code is “BSAS.” You can also speak to our Cookies representative, Belesha Phillips, at (347) 689-0354.

Bottoms: Pants, shorts, and skirts should be khaki; no requirements for brand or style.

Shoes: Shoes should be black. We went through two pairs of leather slip-ons with rubber soles. Other kids in Hannah’s class wore black sneakers, and that’s probably what we’ll do this year since the kids run around so much.

Don’t forget to write your child’s name on the tag for each piece. I was surprised last year to see so many shirts and cardigans in the lost-and-found box with no names on the tags.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, and share your own uniform-ordering experiences so we all can benefit. We’re looking forward to starting another great year!