All of the programs at Brooklyn Arts and Science are selected to foster habits of success, such as perseverance and collaboration. We weave the Habits of Mind approach into our curriculum, and provide regular assessments of students’ progress in these areas. The range of classes ensures that every student is engaged and finds areas in which he or she will excel.

Following our inquiry-based approach to learning, our students are expected to collect and analyze information, make observations, and draw their own empowering conclusions.

Serving as the backdrop for our instructional program, these five units are pegged to a region of the globe. The whole school studies each unit at the same time. By revisiting each unit every year, students add to what they learned the year before. By the time they reach the fifth grade, our students have become well-acquainted with the global community they are a part of.

Starting in Kindergarten, students in our Dual Language (Spanish/English) program begin acquiring the skills they need to become bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural. In each Dual Language class (we have one on each grade K-3rd), half of the students are native English speakers and half are English language learners who speak Spanish at home. Classes are taught in Spanish one day and in English the next so that students will become fluent in both languages.

Each Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classroom has two certified teachers who offer targeted support to students with a range of abilities. In addition, we offer students with disabilities (SWD) the services they need to thrive in a variety of settings. At PS 705, we believe all of our students can learn from one another.


Inquiry-based instruction.

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”

Maria Montessori



In addition to the core academic disciplines, students at Brooklyn Arts and Science are exposed to a variety of enriching activities on a regular basis.

As early as Pre-K, our students receive instruction in dance, vocals, and musical instruments, such as keyboards. Through the Studio in a School program, visual arts are deeply integrated into every day at PS 705, culminating in a Final Art Show.

As they enter third grade, our students select a talent studio to specialize in. They will receive weekly lessons in one of the disciplines, demonstrating a mastery in their talent by graduation.

Our students will also have exposure to other enrichment activities such as chess, physical education, and fencing. Through a collaboration with the New York Fencing Academy, our students learn the art of fencing, which helps develop a child’s agility and strategic thinking.

Our collaboration with the well-regarded after school program, Wingspan Arts, continues the concept of arts enrichment outside the classroom.